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Make the World a Better Place

You have an odd calling. Others seek status or money and safety. You are strange. You are driven to transform the world. You feel a calling deep inside yourself. You have tried those other paths only to feel empty. The apparent safety of those other world’s is at times attractive, but in your heart you know it would crush your soul.

You have no choice but to devote your life to your highest calling. Oddly enough, it is driven by a deep need to serve people you will likely never meet.

Even family and friends don’t get why you keep pursuing your deeper vision. You relate to Don Quixote marching into hell for a heavenly cause.

You have this vision of how to change the world. You have this vision of what your organization, company or church should be doing. You have this vision, but you don’t have the plan. Not the plan that works. Not the plan you know will work.

You know you have doubts. You guess you have blind spots—you just cant see them. You are worried about money. You thought if you just followed your bliss the plan would unfold; the money would appear.


You believed in magic.


Engaging a Coach for World Changing Leaders is the Answer

Instead of trying this alone, imagine having your own strategist on call. Sometimes you just need someone to listen. Getting thoughts out loud helps you. Other times you want to learn from others experiences. But most of all you won’t be alone.

Imagine working with someone who respects your deeper calling.

Our world is in a period of creative destruction. Our institutions of faith, politics and business are undergoing incredible chaos and transformation. Panicked people are clinging to the old ways as no one has shown them a better future.

I believe we need world changing leaders to lead us during this period of transformation. We need people who have done their own internal work to the the external work. We need leaders with tenacity and wisdom. I believe the future is going to better than the past, but only if world changing leaders step up and do their work.

The world needs Purpose driven leaders tapping into power great then themselves.

What’s your Calling? How will you change this world?

I can help you rediscover that calling and tap into that power. Today, I am involved in strategies to transform our politics, business and religion. Because of this, I can only with a few clients each month. Most people who read this webpage will laugh, find it confusing and few will have even read to this point.


If you have its because what I’m saying resonates with you a very deep level. If you think you can find coaching or strategy from someone else, I encourage you to start with them. If you want to change the world, but aren’t ready to change yourself, I’m not right for you.


If you feel that it is time to invest in yourself and your purpose. If you want to live a life that doesn’t end up regretting that you didn’t try and fail enough, then you are a good candidate for coaching with me.


If after all of this you think you are ready to coach, we can set up a complimentary session for a half hour. Before you request that, please think about whether you up for this.


Each month there will be two calls and homework for you. Between calls, we will work through email and quick calls you might require. In many cases, organizations and investors have been willing to pay for me to coach their leaders. Check with your organization to see if this is possible


Please email at

If you’re not quite ready, check out my How it Works. Feel free to ask a question, I can address on my blog.