How It Works

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How It Works


How strategy coaching works

My first job it to ask the right questions. This is where intuition comes in handy. I find if I can ask the right questions, you can provide your right answers. The problem is you are probably not being asked the right questions.

I will share with you what I’ve learned. I’ve coached over five hundred world changing leaders and that gives me a mental database of solutions I can share with you in our sessions. More importantly, I can help you mine your own wisdom.

Coaching with me will give you what you need to take your own leadership to the next level for great impact.

Right now you’re probably not feeling very integrated. You have your personal meaning aspect of your life disconnected to your money and reputation aspects. Our coaching will help you integrate personal and professional. We’ll work to find your key values and use them as the share platform for everything else we work on. Once we do the inner work we can move to the outer work. To transform the world you’ll have to transform yourself.

Self awareness is the key to personal transformation

Our coaching will help you see those blind spots you’ve purposely avoided. We’ll build up enough trust that you’ll allow me to be direct. We won’t waste time with me simply repeating back to you what you just said, I’ll offer depth charging questions to get to the heart of it. You’ve got a world to change and none of us has lots of extra time. Working together, you will:

  • Feel greater peace of mind
  • Gain clarity on what’s important to you
  • Create a clear actionable plan
  • Tap my network for who is going to help you
  • Create a real world business plan to achieve impact


Each client is different. Some want to change one aspect of their leadership style that’s holding them back. Others need to tap into their deepest inspiration. Others just need a sounding board. Most want some help networking to the appropriate funding sources.

Often clients engage me with coaching consulting questions, such as, how to communicate your pitch to an investor or how to gain clarity for your organization’s narrative.

Clients are investing time and money with me and they want results. This energy will push you both of us to work intensely together.

Through our work together, you’ll reconnect with your greatest source of power that called you to transform this world with a real world plan.

FAQ for getting started


How do we start?

Before contacting me, please read the Become a Client page in full. I only coach with a very few people I don’t want to waste your time. Please pre-qualify yourself before contacting me at


We will find a half hour to discuss what you are looking for and see if I’m the right fit. I do know many coaches and therapist. I can refer you to others if needed.


During our early sessions we’ll gain clarity on your values, vision and set goals to accomplish what you seek as quickly as possible.


In person or online?

Over 90% of my client calls are conducted on Skype. I have coached numerous clients in over ten countries. In addition to Skype or phone calls, we can conduct a lot of work through email.


What’s a common coaching call structure?

For every call you will fill out my standard prep form. This will drive the direction of the call. I begin each call by “clearing the table,” meaning we address any current situation that’s on your mind. Often these issues are of critical importance in the moment and failure to address them won’t allow you to focus.

How long do most clients work with you?

Changing the world and yourself isn’t the easiest thing to get done in a day. Working with a coach will speed this up dramatically. Clients make a six-month commitment to start. The average length of a coaching engagement is two years. Some clients move from coaching to a consulting retainer fee, so they can call as needed when facing tough choices.


My coaching style is very direct. Neither of us have time to waste. There’s a world to change.


This sounds amazing, but what if I don’t get the promised results?

Don’t worry, if the coaching doesn’t work out, I’ll refund your entire payment.

But I work for a nonprofit, can’t I get a discount?

Coaching with me will be one of the great gifts you give yourself. We invest in cars, homes and trips. We don’t invest in ourselves and our culture shows that. Many clients get their coaching paid by their organization or an investor, but many invest in themselves.

The easiest way for clients to feel they got the right ROI from coaching with me is when their finances changed through new donors or investors they attained through working with me. I get it because, like other world changers, I’m concerned about money too. But the real investment is tapping back into your great source, power, and faith that gives you meaning.

I know it is a lot of money. I also know it is worth it.

How does a complimentary session work?

I send you a form to fill out and we jump on a call to coach. This gives you a quick sense of what it would be like to work together.



What if I know I’m ready?

It’s just a matter of scheduling. Once clients engage we lock in dates.






Intensive Retreats


Busy clients benefit from a two-day retreat at my cabin in WV.

We accomplish in two days what often takes two months. If this is interesting, please include that in your email,


One on One Coaching


Check out my How it Works page.


Group Coaching


World changing organizations often face a challenge getting their team on the same page.  I coach the entire team on strategies focused on cooperation and gaining a common vision.


Meeting Facilitation


World changing organizations often waste precious time in poorly facilitated meetings. I’m trained in the Collaborative Operative System, which I believe is the best model for structuring transformative meetings. I can be hired to facilitate difficult meetings and train the team to improve their own process.


Public Speaking


I enjoy public speaking for world-changing conferences on various topics. If your organization would benefit from my speaking please contact me. Topics I enjoy speaking on include:

  • Faith and the rise of spiritual entrepreneurs.
  • Social Enterprise
  • World-Changing Leadership
  • American politics